Red Hot Psychic Readings Caught On Tape

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    When I first started doing readings over the phone and over the internet - it was awkward.

    I didn't have the confidence because I didn't know what would
    really work in the real world. After having done over 100 live readings, I started experimenting with different styles. I started incorporating hypnosis and NLP into my readings, and I started using several utilities and sleights to enhance the experience.

    I had no idea how awesome the result would be, but now I'm starting to think I didn't waste my money on Richard Bandler's books. My tent had a lineup all night, and every single person I interacted with had positive reactions!

  • I wanted to share these recordings with you guys because I really love magic, and I really do believe it can change lives. I always wanted to hear examples of readings, but I never found actual recordings of readings. I hope you download this stuff and get some insight into real readings for real people.

    WARNING - Readings done without care and concern, done only for shock value can harm people. Please be careful in manipulating the psyche of your clients and do it for positive change only. I strongly advise to rig your tarot deck, get rid of the death and devil cards, and as a general rule try to force "good" or "interesting" cards.

    Learn the secret techniques used by the pros to get a good reading every time - Here are 4 complete recordings of actual sessions for free.